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Artwork: John"Teflon" Sims ©

On October 31st 2010 The Selecter returned to the live arena to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their seminal debut album, ‘Too Much Pressure’, by performing the whole album live at the “Sinners Day Festival”, Ethias Stadium, Hasselt, Belgium. A highly successful capacity audience was treated to the same adventure at Bloomsbury Ballroom in London on Nov 13th 2010.

“Too Much Pressure” released by this important and influential band in Feb 1980 remains a classic touchstone for a generation of Ska lovers and the band are excited to announce they will be playing the album in its entirety plus a selection of other much loved Selecter tracks & new tracks from 'Made In Britain' in 2011.

Mixing punk, ska and reggae, ‘Too Much Pressure’ successfully reflected the social and political issues of the early Thatcher years in Britain and gave a voice to disaffected youth across the racial divide.

During 2011 the band, fronted by the original singing duo of the female icon of the 2-tone era Pauline Black & Arthur 'Gaps' Hendrickson , have embarked on a busy touring schedule in Europe & UK. Classic hits like Three Minute Hero’, ‘Missing Words’’ ,“ On My Radio” "James Bond"and of course ‘Too Much Pressure’ heralding the return of one of the most vital, visceral and important Ska acts ever, who promise to deliver a stunning performance for both old and new 2-tone fans.

Two new singles - 'Big In The Body-Small In The Mind' (released May 30th) & 'Back To Black'(released July 23rd) led the vanguard of The Selecter's return to form, culminating in the release of a new studio album 'Made In Britain' on Sept 4th 2011, which seeks to explore the multicultural landscape of today's Britain and beyond.


Mojo Magazine September Isuue 2011: 3 star review

Reviewed by Lucy O'Brian

"Black with a new Selecter band & toaster Gaps Hendrickson have shifted up  a gear to provide an album that would sit comfortably next to The Selecter's 1980 debut "Too Much Pressure".....but it's when Black steps out of her comfort zone as with her reggae reading of Amy Winehouse's 'Back To Black' that she moves forward, capturing the singer at her vocal best".

Scottish Daily Record: July 29th 2011- Back to Black: 4 star review

Pure coincidence that The selecter's Pauline Black covered Amy winehouse.  It's a classic ska cut. Frankly, brilliant. online: Camp Bestival gig review: July 31st

"we found the most heartwarming tribute to Amy Winehouse came from the unsuspecting quarters of Sunday afternoon ska heroes 'The Selecter'. They had released their version of 'Back To Black' on the day Amy died.  The release was pulled but Pauline Black and co played it nonetheless and it was perfect.  time will hopefully allow the rest of the world to hear their brilliant skanked up rendition- just as Amy would have no doubt loved"

Metro review: 24th July 2011-single of the week

Pauline Black's 'Back To Black' is single of the week: The Selecter's legendary frontwoman covers Amy Winehouse. It's an effortless ska pop groove....

Rolling Stone Magazine 2004: "Hands down, Pauline Black possessed the best voice that ever graced a 2-Tone release.  Blessed with a bewitching soprano and dramatic panache, Black's voice reached plateaus that made every other musical detail sound like part of a backdrop painted just to set the stage for her entrance"

Further info:

Band Line-up:

Lead Vox: Pauline Black
Lead Vox: Arthur “Gaps” Hendrickson
Drums: Winston Marche
Guitar: Anthony Harty
Keyboards: Greg Coulson
Bass: John Thompson
Horns: Neil Pyzer & Orlando LaRose

Interesting Fact:

Excerpt from a biography of John Lennon, "The Last Days Of John Lennon", written by his butler/chauffeur, Frederic Seaman in Sept 1991:

" sitting at the black upright piano, Yoko mumbled the lyrics to her song as John played the melody on the white grand. Soon, he winced and motioned her to stop. Insisting that the song required a "lively backbeat" to compensate for its lack of melodic variety, John suggested trying a ska beat. he asked me to bring him a tape of The Selecter, a British ska groupl that we had listened to on Long Island. I scrambled to make a cassette copy of the Selecter album in the kitchen.
When I brought John the Selecter tape, he played it at loud volume, while fiddling with his drum machine, attempting to duplicate the frenetic beat of a song titled "Too Much Pressure". John napped his fingers and tried desperately to sell Yoko on the idea of incorporating the fast tempo into her song, but she would not hear of it. She demanded that John turn off the tape player and rhythm box. Gnashing his teeth in frustration, John complied.

Contacts for The Selecter: Zac Peters
Company: Midnight Mango Productions, The Old Stables, Spring Farm, Moorlinch, Bridgewater, Somerset, TA7 9DD
E mail:
Tel:  +44(0)7837681905



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