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Pigment of my Imagination Lyrics    Music

Track List

1. Eyes On The Prize

2. Lost Glove

3. Small Offerings

4. Don't Let It Happen Again

5. Promised Land

6. Total Control

7. Alcohol

8. Marias

9. Shine Eye girl


   Serpent's Tail goes
    2-tone with Black
  Serpent's Tail has acquired the rights to the memoir of singer and actress Pauline Black. Oli Munson of the Blake Friedmann Literary Agency sold world English language rights to Black by Design to....
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The Independent Review: Wychwood Festival
The queen of the 2 Tone movement, Pauline Black mixed The Selecter evergreens "Three Minute Hero" and "Missing Words" with a ska version of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" and made light of a power cut halfway through "On My Radio".....
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Celebrate the bullet

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Too Much Pressure

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Happy Album

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Cruel Britannia

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Real to Reel

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Shoorah, Shoorah


Threw It Away


Pirates On The Airwaves


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